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"At ESAB, we are undergoing a significant culture change.  I am one of the leaders of that change.  As we have moved forward, I have required top-notch leaders to fill key positions in our division.  I began doing business with MR Fayetteville three years ago.  John Semmes, Pat Hinson, and their team took the time to get to know me, my company, my philosophy, and what I consider to be the "model" of leader that I wanted in our company.  In the past three years, MR Fayetteville has filled three of my ten direct reports.  Each of these leaders has brought initiative, drive, enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge into our company and each has been a significant part of the positive change that is occurring.  The benefits of working with MR Fayetteville are that they are fast, courteous, professional, customer-focused, and they get the job done.  I highly recommend them." Jon Rennie
Former Vice President & General Manager
Esab Welding & Cutting Products
North America Consumables

"As an HR professional, Pat and I have established a good, long standing relationship.  I have worked with Pat for some time and would definitely call on her to fulfill any needs that arise now or in the future.  Pat has proven to be very responsive, competent, professional, and dependable.  Pat can be relied on to provide qualified candidates for consideration, timely feedback and follow-up.   This is important as an HR professional to know that you can rely on a recruiter to respond to your needs and provide viable candidates that meet established skills, qualifications, education, and experience. " Daphne Johnson : HR Manager - Power Partners, Inc.


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